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Week: 10-11/52

Book(s): 11,12,13/52

Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven, City of Dragons, Robin Hobb

I’ve been wanting to read The Rain Wild Chronicles for years- these were the books I was waiting for a kindle to read, because I KNEW I would read them, but I also wanted to save money- not only that, but bookshelf real estate is at something of a premium in my world- I knew a Kindle was coming, I just had to decide when. 

Well, were they worth waiting for? Yes, I’d say so- I’m still reading the final book in the series and will probably be done with it in a few days- I’ll have to wait until august for The Fool’s Assassin (oh god, Fitz and the Fool? Together again? I can hardly wait)

In stark contrast to the rest of the books Hobb has created in this universe the rain wild chronicles focuses heavily on romance- every character, near enough, is coupled off, finds romance, falls in love- it’s almost as though, after years of denying Fitz Molly, and denying the Fool Fitz, she finally decided to indulge in an “EVERYONE GETS A BOYFRIEND” book, and I have loved it- I think if you were new to the series it might feel a bit much, but after NINE books with various amounts of drama and woe it feels nice to have a book that has pages which make me actively gleeful. Not to say the books are devoid of hardship or sorrow- as ever, it’s there. Much as the Liveship Traders gave us Althea and Malta- strong, fiercely independent, entirely distinct and individual female characters, and the books of the Six Duchies gave us headstrong and self-sacrificing Kettricken, The Rain Wild Chronicles has a slew of strong female characters, tinged with her characteristic tendency of writing very honest, naturally flawed, characters- there are no Mary Sues in Hobb’s world; the most gentlemanly and respectable of her characters can be a snivelling weakling and even the most snide and cruel villain has a shred of sadness or humanity. Hobb creates a living, breathing world that I feel I know as well as my own; the imagery she weaves is vivid and alive, her characters real people. I’m shorting the series, and her writing as a whole, to sum up three such worthy books in a single post, but it’s largely because I need to get back into the world she’s created and see what happens next. Read them, read them. Read all her work if you want a treat.

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